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Hans Bouter (AKA The Flying Dutchman)

While my services are numerous, I specialise in helping businesses produce the highest quality company videos, cover live events and meet their technical conference needs.

I am an expert audio visual (AV) technical creative based in New Zealand’s mighty Waikato.  With problem solving skills second to none, I have often been called the MacGyver of the production industry.

It is with almost 3 decades of broadcast experience in the region that I am now privileged to be the ‘first port of call’ to meet many businesses’ AV needs – both locally, nationally and internationally.

Currently, I own and manage HB Productions Ltd; a video production company in Hamilton. Here, I work alongside both small and large businesses to project manage their diverse media needs.  I do everything from teaching corporates basic phone filming testimonial skills to covering large scale international sporting events.

While corporate AV services are my speciality, I am also an expert in producing radio and television commercials, media training, and working in the LIVE Outside Broadcast (OB) environment.

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Hans Bouter
Video Communications Specialist

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